Interview with RAY

Thomas Kindermans and mother Hilde Nys from the Ray brand.

We learn our favorite brands like to do better know . We not only invite them to our store , but also ask them five interview questions to highlight their views on a number of topics. Five questions from Anke, for Thomas van Ray.

What was your inspiration to start Ray?
My mom has been selling cosmetics in her pharmacy for 30 years. The cosmetics always work very well, but she is not really completely behind it in terms of health. Many cosmetics contain ingredients that may be carcinogenic, hormone disruptive, skin irritating or hypoallergenic.

In her search for the right brand that she supported, there seemed to be no other option than to formulate and produce herself. And voila, here we are :-)

What is your background?
My mom is of course a pharmacist. I am a lawyer by training and worked as a business lawyer for a year. When my mother suggested developing my own range, I was immediately enthusiastic and quit my job to put my shoulders to the wheel on this project!

What core values ​​describe Ray?
1. good for your skin - the most important thing with cosmetics is that they work well. A deodorant should make you stop sweating. A shampoo should make your hair shine.
2. good for your health - each ingredient has been tested and approved for its potential to be carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, skin irritating, immunity disrupting or highly allergic, and for its risk of damaging the skin barrier or causing pigment spots.
3. good for the planet - in terms of packaging and contents. The packaging is made as much as possible from non-fossil raw materials such as recycled plastic, sugar cane or glass. For example, the contents are always biodegradable within 28 days.

What is your big dream?
That all cosmetics are healthy and sustainable.

If you had to explain the concept of 'sustainability' in one sentence, how would you express it?
Keeping the place where we live healthy and livable for future generations.

Curious about the Ray range? We would like to invite our customers to the Ray day at Manufactuur on Thursday 11/05. We have provided additional samples and are happy to help you select your Ray products. We also give -10% on the entire Ray range both online and in store.

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