Choosing collections, how do we do that?

We cannot fill our store with all kinds of beautiful pieces without collecting them in time. But what exactly is going on a collection?

Wonderful trip, browsing through the pieces, lunch, coffee, and back home. That's what it sounds like ;-) And yes, we do that too!

Manufacture x Closed 2024

But, there is a little more to it. When choosing our pieces, we always have you in mind.

You, as a customer, are our biggest influencer for what ends up in the store. We remember what you are looking for with every visit. What you need, what you want different,...

We feel, we try things on ourselves, we compare pieces, we make combinations months before you can find it with us. We also look at pieces that can take you as a customer a little out of your comfort zone. For when it can be that little bit more, for when it can be different.

This is such an important part of our story. Choose carefully and with you in mind.

We already visited four brands. We'll keep one of them for a while -> Stay tuned!

Our route included Closed, Bellerose and Rue Blanche.

Wow… One by one promising collections. With classics and at the same time slightly more out of the comfort zone pieces. Believe us, something for everyone.

Want to be received by this cutie? Yes! Delicious! #instantlovelook

Manufacture x Closed 2024

Manufacture x Closed 2024Manufacture x Closed 2024

Would you like a sneak peek of our hunt collection?

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and take a look at our website for the autumn/winter 2023-2024 collection.

Love, Anke & Vinnie

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