An interview with Humanoid

When I started Manufactuur years ago, Humanoid was one of the first brands on my wish list: I love the simplicity, the beautiful fabrics and colors, but also the playful details and the supple fabrics. I have remained a fan…
Today we ask some questions to Suzan Taoufik from Humanoid.

• What is your position within Humanoid?

At Humanoid, as Sales Manager, I am responsible for the Benelux and the International market where we do not have an agent represented

• How long have you been working with Manufacture?
I can proudly say that we built our loyal bond over 9 years ago. Once started with our iconic Spring Summer '15 collection.

• What does Manufacture radiate to you?
Manufacture has been distinctive from the start with its choices, which is reflected in the composition of the labels and the selections made within them.
Manufactuur has been progressive and inspiring both online and in the shop. With her self-confidence, stubbornness and tough appearance without losing her feminine touch, she ensures a wide reach.

• What does Humanoid stand for as a brand and how does this fit within the collaboration with Manufacture?
Manufacture follows her intuition, something Humanoid is built on. We like to say that “Humanoid simply came into existence”, but we follow a strong and balanced belief. A fixed value that has its origins in the conscious use of materials. Fueled by freedom, intuition and craftsmanship, this belief allows us to create a feeling of comfortable luxury. One with endless combinations that create a style that transcends clothing.

• What is the theme of the next summer collection and when can our customers start expecting it at Manufactuur and online?
The 23SSM collection unravels the contrast between HUMANOID and ANDROID, balancing between the natural and the digital, the organic and the innovative.
Close to nature, we dream of long beach days in airy designs and flowing silhouettes and barefoot. Opposites attract and femininity is contrasted with tailoring, technical finishes and structured fabrics and knits, rounded shapes with cultivated stripes. Bright colors are reminiscent of digitality against a background of natural, earthy tones.
For Summer '23 we have exposed the contradiction between the urge for slow living and the ever-changing fast technology and merged it into a modern collection for both on and off screen.

• Does Humanoid have a common thread through the use of materials? Are there materials that are always used and why?
The use of natural and responsible materials has always been central to Humanoid. We always try to challenge and distinguish ourselves by properly analyzing and further developing these materials to take them to a higher and innovative level.
The recognisability of our label is reflected in the proven qualities that return, such as; organic jersey, knitted organic cotton, jogging and cupro.

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