Interview Ellen Truijen

We learn our favorite designers like to do better know . We not only invite them to our store , but also ask them five interview questions to highlight their views on a number of topics. 5 questions from Anke, for Ellen Truijen.

What was your inspiration to start Ellen Truijen?

The reason for starting ellen:truijen was the fact that I no some nice ones bag could find, which was attached to my expectations complied. This irritation has me stimulated to yourself to make a bag, just for myself. This first design is the LITTLE ANTIQUE and is still in the collection . Such came enthusiastic responses back that this led to a full-fledged timeless collection of handbags.

What is your background?

Just like you (Anke), I have one dance background .
In high school I went through intensive training to prepare myself
on a dance academy . After a fashion education I finally chose one art education to follow and have there dance linked to visual arts in the form of performances.
After completing my studies, I have semi-professional danced. I found it hard
dependent to be of grants to a dance career to build. Mine man worked as a designer at a design agency and occasionally played one Job to me and all that
I came into contact with material again, including that one very first bag to arise is.

What is your big dream?

The dream I have cherished for the last 20 years is reality this year become.
My first shoe collection is a fact . Now there is room for one next one big dream
to shape. This one is already slowly ' maturing '.

If you had to explain the concept of 'sustainability' in one sentence, how would you do it?
to express?

For me, the concept of ' sustainability ' is about it quality , ethics and healthy mind .
These three pillars make it up foundation Where ellen:sweaters is built on.
Without waste with so min possible tax of the environment to design a product
and manufacture it qualitatively so good that it is a long term investment is.
Something that hair goal serves and also for joy ensures in use, so that it becomes optimal utilized and appreciated .

What if you could organize a dinner with anyone?
Who would you invite and why?

Of course you can do a lot here interesting considerations to make. But with my anniversary years in my mind I always see a long, beautiful one covered table for me with all my loyal store owners at 20 years ellen:sweaters get along well together celebrate .

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