Meet the Designer - Ellen Truijen

Saturday, May 28, we can welcome designerEllen Truijen in our store. She brings her beautiful collection - and you can also discover other bags and her new shoe collection that we don't have in our store. Very nice: Ellen will personalize your new bag on the spot!

A unique opportunity for a unique bag! Also a very nice gift idea 😉.

Maybe you already have an Ellen Truijen bag and want to breathe new life into it? That's possible too!


- Come visit our store at Saturday May 28 between 10am-1pm 🤍

- Take you own bag from Ellen Truijen or score An new ones bag and leave it personalize Through Ellen itself 👜

- In the meantime, enjoy a 🥐 and ☕️ - breakfast is on the house !

We like brands that take responsibility . In a society where fashion has become a disposable product , we as a boutique feel it is our shared responsibility to select brands and designers that have a clear sustainability program . We want to offer our customers quality , so that they can enjoy their clothing and accessories for years to come . We won't settle for less.

We to hold by Ellen Truijen , not just because of her gorgeous collection , but also about her love for the craft . All bags and shoes are produced in The Netherlands to a short chain to be able to guarantee: fewer transportation , fewer pollution , local employment and a pure conscience .

It leather is from one high quality and is sourced in The Netherlands and Europe . Ellen Truijen also offers one repair service to: you can you bag to the studio send and this one then becomes complete restored so you can continue to enjoy it. Of course you can also take a moment come on us event to your own bag to let personalize it , so you can make it all over again in love up and this one new to live blow in!

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